Meet our Therapists

ERica Craven-LYons

Erica brings over 15 years experience to Conscious Bodies, along with an intuitive and gentle approach. Her desire to understand human bodies and acquire better modalities and means to treat them is a lifelong pursuit.   Erica specializes in approaching pain from a structural perspective first, using posture and gait analysis to assess problems first, then combines elements of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, NeuroMuscular Therapy Thai Massage and Advanced Joint Range of Motion to treat them.  Accupressure and Reflexotherapy are used in every session as well, to balance the vital energy and visceral systems to support change and healing. Erica specializes in working at an appropriate depth and pace, engaging breath and awareness of the client, and establishing relief that lasts.


Jonah enjoys working with bodies to facilitate positive change and abundance in people’s lives. He draws on his own experience in relaxing through change and strengthening posture and muscles to strengthen self confidence and succeed in personal internal/external goals.  “Movement and exercise has been my mediation for 15 years, and adding bodywork to my arsenal is expending my possibilities.  Change is constant. Might as well get a professional changer to assist.”

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